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About North Expeditions
We are a tour operator based in Gondar, Ethiopia. We have many years of experience, we provide standard tours in Northern Ethiopia, different options for treks in the Simien Mountains and we can also accommodate customized trips upon request. Our main focus is to provide for our guests the best possible service so that the trip would be a unique and delightful experience and its memory will stay with them forever. For that we always demand the highest standards from our guides, chefs, drivers and park scouts.
Reviews for North Expeditions
The mountains themselves are indescribably beautiful. I had never seen landscape like this before. It was really breathtaking and humbling. There were a range of animals in the national park, of which we saw big groups of Gelada baboons and some Lamergeyer Vultures and other birds. We stopped to take lots of pictures and the guide and scout didn't mind this (something that may be an issue if you went in a big group). I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Nega's amazing service to anyone visiting the Simiens. The price was very reasonable. He is a lovely guy and made our whole trip really memorable. Thank you!
Melissa Leigh, UK
Reasons to visit Ethiopia
If you're a culture lover you'll have planty of sites to visit in our country: from the famous churches of Lalibela, the historical sites of Gondar and Axum, to the remote tribes in the Omo Valley. For nature lovers Simien Mountains and other national parks with their unique landscapes and endemic wildlife will not disappoint. And if you're a connoisseur of delicious food you'll be spoiled with our traditional dishes and we are sure the Ethiopian cuisine will become one of your favourites. We hope you'll visit Ethiopia soon so you can enjoy the wonders of our country and the well-known Ethiopian hospitality.

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